Out of the shadow 


Festival of Dance, Philosophy and Art.
location: Bergkerk, Deventer

Date:27-07  -  24-08-2008 

I’m organising a small but very important festival about art, dance and philosophy. Its a festival for capitalist and about capitalist, I hope they like it. 
The capitalist attitude is dominated by money and many other stupid things, its time to chance the old value’s of the capitalism. 

I like to invite you and participate at the festival. 
Art, dance and philosophy are very important issue's of life, things come together, mind thinking, body thinking and art thinking, critical and manifest. I like that.
I hope to interest you and ask you to think how to participate? 

Location: Bergkerk, a large empty church. 
The festival starts on July 27 and ends august 24, 2008. 
The Bergkerk is located in the heart of the city Deventer. 
Its is a frequently visited location.  

Questions, please call. 06.53 27 55 93. 

Yours Sincerely,  

Harm van der Wal.  

Deventer,  31. 01. 2008  

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